Virus Name: Remote Explorer


Indications you are hosting the virus:


Virus Characteristics

Remote Explorer Ė the most outstanding characteristics is that it can move/transport itself without typical user intervention (passed on floppy, via email) and replicate.


Products available to users for protection against the "Remote Explorer" infection

Virus signature updates are available for version 4.x , version 3.x and version 7.x engines. These signature updates DETECTION but do not clean/remove Remote Explorer. This will allow you to quarantine infected EXE and data files.

NAI is developing a stand-alone cleaner, which is expected to be available on 12/21/98.

The first 4.x engine products for VirusScan and NetShield NT have also just been released. Links are included to these products for reference. If you have already installed these products there is no reason to re-install. If you have not and are marshalling your network administrators to protect against this threat, we encourage you to move to this version.



For VirusScan 3.xx users:

For VirusScan 4.xx users:

For Dr Solomon AVTK 7.xx users:


Recommended steps for fighting infection

NT Server/Workstation systems:

Windows 95/98 Desktop Infections

Once it is determine the virus has infected a Windows Desktop these steps are appropriate: