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Repair Utility
Version 2.271..........Oct. 8, 1998

Please take the time to read our Non-Disclosure Agreement before downloading this utility.

XLCLEAN.EXE is a utility to repair files which contain various forms of corruptions due to cleaning processes of older scanning engines prior to v3.2.0. Items cleared by this utility include invalid modules, virus remnants and even styles installed by the virus infection process.

Pre - requisites for running Program
It is recommended that VirusScan 3.2.0 (with latest .DAT) be used to identify and clean any virus on all systems.

Installation Instructions
- None; it is a DOS command line utility which require command line parameters.

- XLCLEAN is a DOS command line utility which must use parameters. Double-clicking on it in Explorer will not do anythying.

- Copy XLCLEAN.EXE to a unique directory, or somewhere you will use it at the DOS command line level. You can place it in the Windows directory/folder if you choose; this way it will always be available if you go to an MS-DOS window.

Operating Instructions
- To obtain the list of available parameters, run XLCLEAN at the command line without any-


XLCLEAN Ver 2.27 - Copyright (c) Network Assoc. 1998.

Last Update: Oct 8, 1998

Usage: XLCLEAN [object1] [object2...] [option1] [option2...]
/? Display this help screen.
/CLEANXLALL Clean all modules from MS-EXCEL documents.
/DELBACKUP Delete backup if file is clean.
/NOBACKUP Do not create backup file. [object.NAI]
/REPORT <filename> Generate report file into <filename>
/SUB Scan subdirectories.

Suggested Usages

If you have determined a file is corrupted after it was cleaned by an older engine prior to v3.2.0, you can use XLCLEAN to attempt repair. XLCLEAN will automatically create a backup file - if the file is clean the backup file is removed (backup files use .NAI extension). Place the corrupted file into a unique working directory. In this example, the file will reside in the folder called "c:\mydox".

xlclean.exe c:\mydox\*.xls /report xlcl.rep

After typing in this command, the following is an example of the output produced, and now contained in the file xlcl.rep in the current directory:

XLCLEAN Ver 2.27 - Copyright (c) Network Assoc. 1998.

Last Update: Oct 2, 1998
Virus data file V3110 created 10/07/98 17:16:33

Scanning c:\mydox\*.* [PNOLAN_NAI]
Analyzing File Structure:
[Excel 95 Format]

Fixed Virus Module [laroux]
Removed Modules.
Removed Styles Left By Virus.


Removed Virus Styles: .. 21
Virus Modules: ......... 1
Note: file has a *.NAI backup!

Summary report on *

Scanned: ............... 2
Possibly Infected: ..... 0
Repaired Files: ........ 1

This will process all .XLS files within the C:\MYDOX folder. In this example, an empty module called PLDT was removed from this spreadsheet.

Error messages

Please report any errors to

List of Issues addressed by the program

  • repairs files cleaned of Excel macro viruses if files are corrupted
  • removes leftover virus modules after cleaning by older scan engines

New or modified since last version of this utility

  • adjusted for samples received and not corrected by v2.26 XLCLEAN routine


This DOS command line utility program has not been approved by Quality Assurance and could cause crashes on your machine(s). It has  been designed to help you address various issues and should be used as recommended by your McAfee representative.


For any further questions please contact Virus Research at


1998, Network Associates, Inc. and its affiliated Companies. All Rights Reserved.