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modified 11/05/98

What's New in TROJAN.DAT Windows 9x v3.2.X (3110)
Information Update

Recently Network Associates distributed a Trojan.DAT file with a scheduled retail release as well as distributed the file as part of an NT product update.

The TROJANS.DAT file was created specifically for the retail & deluxe VirusScan version 4.00 and should only be used with those products. More notably the Trojan.DAT has been specifically designed to ONLY detect AOL Password Stealing Trojans.

Customers using the TROJANS.DAT file with the corporate VirusScan version 3.20 or lower may experience a false detection and can safely delete that file if it exists.

Other customers, including users of the retail & deluxe VirusScan version 4.00, may also experience false a detection when using the TROJANS.DAT file. If you are confident that the file being detected is not a true infection, you can delete the TROJANS.DAT file, and can do so without opening yourself up to infection.

If you wish to continue using a Trojan.DAT file with your version of McAfee VirusScan please click the link below to download the latest Trojan.DAT.


Please note that this file will only work if you are using the McAfee VirusScan Retail or Retail Deluxe 4.0 product. It will also work with any McAfee VirusScan product that has the 3.2.0 engine.

McAfee Labs DOES NOT recommend using this file with any other product or engine as it is not designed for use with such.

Any customers that are experiencing detection's and are not certain that it is a false detection, should either submit the file to or call technical support at 408-988-3832 for more assistance.


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