REScan – RemoteExplorer Cleaner


The REScan program has been designed to run on Windows NT Systems both server and desktop. The program will do the following:


REScan can take on the following switches:

Running REScan w/o an argument, the /ADL switch is used. Here's an example of how to use this program:

C:\>rescan /adl /adn /log

The /sub switch will execute by default when the /adl or the /and switches are used together or independently. REScan will always scan for the system processes IE403R.SYS and TASKMGR.SYS, and will always attempt to clean infected files and decrypt virus encrypted files.


C:\> rescan \ /sub to scan and clean from the system and the C: drive

C:\> rescan \FOO to scan just the foo directory, no subdirectory is scanned.

C:\> rescan \FOO /sub to scan everything in the "FOO" directory

C:\> rescan /adl /adn to scan and clean both local and network drives

C:\> rescan \*.dll /sub to scan all .DLL's on the C: drive

C:\> rescan same as /ADL