INTCE virus exploits a BUG in DOS which prevents a Clean DOS diskette from being booted on the infected system.
In order to clean the cause of the DOS bug (which is a modified second partition record on the infected system), a routine must be run before DOS is loaded.
The simplest way to do this would be booting a 'fixup' diskette and this is what this standalone will do, it will create that 'fixup' diskette for you.
Upon completion, the second partition will be removed. You can proceed with damage control after you remove the bug and remove the virus from infected programs.

There are3 files in this package:
A boot sector to be written to a diskette.
The BAT file will wite the 'fixup' boot sector.
This 'readme' file.

If you don't understand any of the following commands, find someone to help you.

1 You will create the 'fixup' diskette on a CLEAN DOS system. Use a DOS prompt to assure you perform the correct commands.

2 The DEBUG program should be available on this system.

3 Copy the files from this package to a diskette that you will be converting to the 'fixup' diskette.

4 Insert the diskette into the A: drive of the CLEAN DOS system.

5 At the command prompt, change directory to the A: (enter A: at the DOS prompt, this will make A: your current directory)

6 At the (now) A: prompt, enter CLEANPAR. This will cause DEBUG to write the "C_INTCE.BOO" file to the boot sector of the 'fixup' diskette in the A: drive. When finished, remove the diskette and slide the 'write protect' tab on!

7 Turn off the power to the Infected System and place this 'fixup' diskette into its A: drive.

8 Turn on the power to the Infected System, go into CMOS (usually via DEL or whatever instruction BIOS tells you at power on time) and ASSURE THAT YOU ARE BOOTING FROM THE A: DRIVE!! (usually you will see either A:/C: or C:/A: as the 'boot sequence' be sure it is A:/C:)

9 When the 'fixup' boot runs on the infected system, it will wipe out the second (buggy values) partition that the virus left for DOS to hang on. Upon completion, the 'fixup' will cause the BIOS message: "NO ROM BASIC .." Error message to appear on your screen. Turn off the power. Remove the 'fixup' diskette.

At this point you should insert a CLEAN DOS Diskette and turn on the power. DOS should now start.

10 Run scan with the /clean option.