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VirusScan for Windows 3.x v3.2.1 Hotfix Information -
modified 11/05/98

What's New in McAfee VirusScan for Windows 3x v3.2.1 (3110)
Copyright (c) 1994-1998 by Network Associates, Inc.
and its Affiliated Companies. All Rights Reserved.

This ISeamless script will automatically update VirusScan For Windows 3.x with the most current set of data files and the current engine HotFix.

A HotFix is updated software that has not completed full Quality Assurance testing. By deploying a HotFix, the user understands that while the HotFix fixes specific issues there is a risk that new issues might be introduced. If a HotFix introduces any new issues it should be replaced with the original version. Send HotFix feed back to .

MCSCAN16.DLL and VSHIELD.386 are the scan engine components for the On-Demand and On-Access scanning, respectively, for VirusScan.

It is recommended that you install this new engine and data files with the most currently released product.

The upgraded files this patch will copy are:


The files:


are Iseamless files. The AUTO321.ISC file is the uncompiled AUTO321.SIS. It is the AUTO321.SIS file that is required to be in the same directory as SETUP.EXE.

ISeamless Installation:

1. Unzip into the same directory as your VirusScan SETUP.EXE.

2. Run Setup in interactive or non-interactive silent mode.

3. AUTO321.SIS will install the upgraded files during regular installation. The install will provide the ISeamless script with the proper destination information.

Manual Installation:

1. Unzip

2. Halt VSHIELD.

3. Copy


to your VirusScan directory. When prompted to overwrite the existing files reply Yes.

4. Copy VSHIELD.386 to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

5. For VirusScan to utilize the new engine files you need to restart Windows.

NOTE: It is necessary to restart Windows for an engine upgrade. If you are only upgrading the virus definition files, starting and stopping VShield is sufficient.




© 1998, Network Associates, Inc. and its affiliated Companies. All Rights Reserved.