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News Updated 3/27/99

W97M/Melissa Virus Outbreak Information!!
Online ExchangeScan!
Disinfect W97M/Melissa
Includes 4019 .DAT!
GroupShield Update For W97M/Melissa
WebShield Update For W97M/Melissa
ExchangeScan Commandline scanner for W97M/Melissa
This page last updated 5-4-99

NAI Labs offers these utilities as a public service to our current and future customers.
Please take the time to read our Non-Disclosure Agreement before downloading any files.

Stand Alone Virus Removers for MS Office Files
Utility Removes Instructions
RMV-TRIS.ZIP O97M/Tristate virus from Powerpoint97! see README.TXT
v4.02.24 - last updated 2-24-99
XF/Paix.A, XM/Laroux &, XM/Extras viruses, styles from Excel workbooks, Plus More! [html instructions]
XLCLEAN.ZIP v2.27 32bit command line utility, repairs Excel files if cleaned and found corrupt [html instructions]
DOCFIXWB.ZIP corrects Word6/7 documents [html instructions]
DOCFIXVB.ZIP corrects Word97 documents [html instructions]
ClrText.ZIP Removes the content from WORD and EXCEL files without altering any macros.
Please use on files with confidential information before submitting  to Virus Research.
[html instructions]

Command Line Stand Alone Virus Removers
Utility Removes Instructions
posted 2-23-99
HAPPY99.EXEWorm [html instructions]
posted 12-22-98
Remote_Explorer virus [html instructions]
APSCAN.ZIP Anxiety.Poppy.III virus [html instructions]
DIR2CLR.ZIP Dir-II virus  
INTCE.ZIP INTCE virus [html instructions]
REM-BYWY.ZIP Byway virus  
REM-HOOT.ZIP Hooters.4676 virus  

Miscellaneous Utilities
Utility Usefulness
SAVEMBR.ZIP BATCH utility to capture the MBRs from your HardDrives. The IMAGE files may be used to restore Partition table or for Virus analysis
RWFLOPPY.ZIP v1.0 Diskette IMAGE create/restore utility, makes floppy image to transport over the network
READt80.ZIP Captures tracks 80 & 81 from a 1.44M diskette).
Bootscan.ZIP Small enough to fit on a 1.44 bootable disk; scans only the boot sector and executable programs.
SYSU.ZIP System Utility Program - helps remove system alterations caused by various macro viruses.
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These utilities have been designed to help you address various issues and should be used as recommended by your McAfee representative. All files presented within this page are not released products. They have not been approved by Quality Assurance and could cause false alarms as well as crashes on your machine(s).

1998, Network Associates, Inc. and its affiliated Companies. All Rights Reserved.

© 1998, Network Associates, Inc. and its affiliated Companies. All Rights Reserved.